Czech Travelogue 1/2015

Ask a foreign visitor to the Czech Republic whether he or she knows any words of Czech, and with a smile on their lips they will probably give an unequivocal answer: VÁCLAV HAVEL, PIVO. Sadly for the last three years Václav Havel has been watching over things in the Czech Republic “from above“, but the Czech beer phenomenon is still alive and kicking...

Each year the country produces over 19 million hectolitres of this creamy-headed amber nectar, and despite a slight fall last year per capital consumption is still are spectable 144 litres. A considerable share of this is made up by foreign tourists who arrive here to discover the beauty of the country. In this edition of Czech Travelogue we have, among other things, uncovered some interesting beer-related facts and the history of beer brewing in the Czech lands. We have visited several remarkable museums, taken a look behind the gates of the Czechs‘ most important breweries and explored more than a few brewery cellars. But our beer-themed journey didn’t end there. We have also discovered the secrets of the “beer spa“ and looked into the effects of beer on human health. Needless to say it was a pleasant and romantic journey… However, while for some bathing in beer might be an idyllic activity, others look for romance elsewhere – in elegant hotels, in the countryside or in a hot air balloon... So we have pinpointed on the map other places in the Czech Republic just made for a bit of romance. And you don’t necessarily have to visit them on Valentine’s Day – they radiate the same romantic ambience any time of the year. And romance isn’t a million miles away from this edition’s third theme. To hold your new-born baby in your arms could be considered one of the most idyllic and happy moments of anyone’s life. Sometimes the road to pregnancy can be along and winding one but in most cases a successful journey. And that’s what it’s all about at assisted reproduction centres. You can’t buy happiness but you can certainly head out to find it.

So set out to look for what makes you happy, perhaps in the Czech Republic!